ETI0001-N2 1-2 kVA Rugged Rackmount UPS/PDU

P/N: ETI0001-11xx
Model: ETI0001-N2 Series
NSN: 6130-01-399-3662 (1.5 kVA version)
1000 VA, 1550 VA or 2000 VA
Rugged Rackmount Integrated UPS and
Power Distribution Unit Combination

Navy SNAP III and SPAWAR Standard Product
Standard N2 Configuration, Rugged Power

Isolated UPS, 1000 to 2000 VA Rugged Rack Mount UPS w/ Integrated
4 Circuit, 2 Pole, Intelligent, Solidstate Power Distribution Unit

ETI0001-N2 Standard Front Panel Layout. Notice all controls are recessed and guarded to prevent damage or accidental operation. Remote Control Panel can be mounted on the front in the blank space.
ETI0001-N2 Standard Front Panel Layout

ETI0001-N2 Standard Rear Panel Layout equipped with (4) IEC-320-15R outlets with cable restraints. Various other input and output connectors available. Standard air flow is from rear to front. Also available front to rear or rear to sides.
ETI0001-N2 Standard Rear Panel Layout

N2 Remote Control Panel can be mounted up at eye level or on the keyboard console or anywhere up to 50 feet away!The field proven Rugged Power UPS line is ideally suited for military, industrial and telecommunications applications requiring rugged rack or table mount and/or portable construction, high reliability, compact size and light weight design. The heavy duty chassis occupies only 3U of rack space while delivering up to 2000 VA of clean, uninterruptible power. The rounded metal corners and rugged handles, both front and rear, aid in safe handling. The optional mounting kit includes flanges and legs for either horizontal or vertical positioning. Internally, all major components are well secured and electrically insulated to prevent damage due to shock and vibration. An internal transformer bay accommodates the input isolation transformer with provisions for both domestic and optional international voltages for ratings up to 3000 VA. The LED arrays keep the operator informed as to the unit's status including load and battery levels. The high intensity audible alarm can be heard in high noise environments, yet is easily adjustable to suit quieter conditions. All controls and protective devices are brought to the front panel with critical switches or breakers guarded. Further, all front panel devices are recessed to prevent damage or accidental operation. The display and control panel can be mounted remotely in the rack or on the front panel with only a logic level cable connection. The input breaker, isolation transformer, and the solidstate load relays each provide double pole isolation for shipboard systems.

The rear panel provides locking connectors for the input and output power. A washable intake air filter and high capacity ball bearing fan provide added protection in both controlled and hostile environments. The exhaust air is diverted out the front vents, or easily changed to vent out the sides or both. The external battery connector allows the safe and easy addition of extra battery modules without having to shut the unit down. A frequency selection switch is available for those sites requiring 50 hertz output instead of the standard 60 hertz. The status D shell connector provides signals to interface with optional computer software providing loss of AC and low battery status.

Overall, the Rugged Power line is uniquely qualified for critical shipboard, vehicle, airborne or land based systems combining advanced modular design features with highly reliable construction.

Technical Specifications
Output voltage: 120 VAC true sinewave std, up to 600 VAC optional
Output rating: UPS 1000, 1550 or 2000 VA in 3U chassis
0.65-0.75 pf std, optional configurations to 24,000 VA
Non-linear load capacity: Up to 100% non-linear load capability w/o derating
Output voltage regulation: UPS ± 3.0% static regulation of nominal
± 4.0% dynamic (0 to 50% load step)
Overload surge capacity: 110% for 10 minutes; 125% for 30 seconds
Harmonic distortion: Less than 5.0% into 100% non-linear load
Output frequency: UPS 60 or 50 Hz ± 2.5% synchronized to utility
60 or 50 Hz ± 1.0% w/ utility not available
Operational status Status, load and battery level LEDs, w/contacts
Adjustable level,+90 dB audible alarm w/on/off
Input voltage selection: 120 VAC, optional up to 600 VAC, up to 440 Hz
Input voltage tolerance: UPS +15% -25% of nominal input rating
Input/output isolation: Up to 120 dB electrical noise attenuation
Input transient suppression: Complies with IEEE 587 and UL 1449
Input control/protection: Guarded 2 pole input breaker w/ UPS fuse
Optional cold start to turn on w/o AC present
Input power connection: AMP CPC Type XII locking, various options
Type: Maintenance free immobilized electrolyte,
Flame retardant materials (Oxygen Index 28+)
Battery life: Rated for continuous service life of 5 years
DC protection: Front panel mounted fuse, optional breaker
Battery expansion: Up to 24 hours w/ Battery Expansion Modules
Output circuits: Four controlled outputs w/2 pole solidstate relays
Output control: Local/remote control panel w/rocker switches
Thermal and remote interlock ON/OFF control
Output receptacles: (4) IEC320-15R w/cord restraints, various options
Dimensions ( H x D x W ): 5.25 (3U) x 23.5 x 19.0 in (133x597x483mm)
Rack Slide Mount Patterns: Jonathan, General Devices or Emcor patterns
Alternate Mounting Options: Table, Wall, Floor, Portable, Horizontal/Vertical
Shipping weight: 115 lb. (52 kg) with lift handles front and rear
Audible noise: Less than 47 dB @ 5.0 ft., ANSI "A" scale
Cooling type: High capacity, positive pressure, forced air
Cooling air direction: Rear intake, exhaust to front or sides or both
Air intake filter: Washable filter media, various porosities
Storage temperature: -13° to 131° F ambient (-25° to 55° C )
Operating temperature: 32° to 113° F ambient (0° to 45° C ),higher optional
Operating humidity: 0 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating elevation: Up to 15,000 ft (4,572 m), higher optionally
United States: Meets UL-1778 standard for UPS equipment,
MIL STDs 810, 454 & 1399 Shock/Vib/Electrical
Canada: CSA C22.2 No. 107 UPS safety requirements
EMI Protection: EMI/RFI FCC, Class A, optional MIL STDs 461
  Dual Source Input, Batteryless Operation,
Battery Expansion Unit, Automatic Battery Test,
Software Interface

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The N5 is one of the most popular configurations for new programs!

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