April 02-05, 2018
San Francisco, California

General Services Administration - GSA

GSA Schedule

Energy Technologies, Inc. (ETI) has been awarded GSA Schedule Contract GS-07F-9485G valid through February, 2012. This contract covers products in Federal Supply Class (FSC) 61 including the following Special Item Numbers (SIN):

  • SIN 412-1c   Battery Chargers/Rectifiers - Telecommunications Grade
  • SIN 412-6     Transient Surge Suppression
  • SIN 412-7     120 VAC Power EMI/RFI Filtering with Surge Suppression
  • SIN 412-8     240 VAC Power EMI/RFI Filtering with Surge Suppression
  • SIN 412-10   Regulated DC Power Supplies - Telecommunications Grade
  • SIN 412-10   Disk Expansion Chassis with Redundant DC Power Supplies
  • SIN 412-11   Regulated AC Power Supplies with and without Battery Backup
  • SIN 412-12   AC Power Line Conditioning - Domestic and International
  • SIN 412-13   Power Inverters - DC to AC Sinewave
  • SIN 412-14a UPS, 0-5 kVA - True Online Units with Full Time Power Conditioning
  • SIN 412-14a UPS Monitor and OS Shutdown Software
  • SIN 412-15   Power Distribution Units with or without Intelligent Remote Control
  • SIN 412-15   UPS with Integrated Intelligent Power Distribution Units
  • SIN 412-15   UPS/PDU Software and Mounting Accessories
  • SIN 412-16   Frequency Converters with and without Battery Backup
  • SIN 412-19   Power Transformers - Domestic and International Voltages


To further simplify procurement, ETI is now set up to accept Government IMPAC Cards, VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card.

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